What Your Website Design Says About Your Credibility

Does My Website Design Show Credibility?

Your website design is usually the first thing your potential patients see when they are searching for a new dentist. Within the first few seconds on your website, they have already formed an opinion about your dental practice. Your website is an extension of your brand and reflects your entire business. Whether you lack content on your website, or easy navigation, your viewer will steer away at the first sign of problems. Ensuring that you have a well-designed website will prevent visitors from steering away and encourage them to crawl through your website instead. The more professional your website looks, the more professional you look as a dentist. Your website design is highly responsible for your credibility as a dentist.

There are several aspects your website needs to incorporate for the most credibility possible.

Easy Navigation

Making sure it’s easy to navigate throughout your website is important for your credibility. Patients who struggle to navigate through your website won’t want to stay on it, or call you for an appointment.

Clean Design

Having a clean and aesthetically appealing design will show that you care as much about your website as you care about the quality of procedures you perform on your patients.

Display Pictures

Displaying your accomplishments as a dentist is great for patients to see. This includes displaying photos of your office, your employees, and before and after photos of procedures.

Highlight Patient Reviews

Patient reviews should be displayed for your potential patients so they know about the good experiences other patients have had at your practice.

Give Useful Information

This includes having information about the procedures you offer, an overview of how they are performed, and other useful patient information. If a patient can find everything they need to know on your website, it gives your website more credibility.

About Section

It’s always insightful to read about the business and about the people who work at it. It gives a person a sense of the kind of people that will be helping them. About the practice and about the dentists and other employees are great factors to include on your website. It shows how proud of your practice you are.

Contact Us for a Custom Website Design

Creating a great first impression to potential website visitors is the best way to keep them on your page and eventually call up your practice for an appointment. Following our advice for a more credible website will benefit you in the long run. If you are looking for a website revamp to boost your credibility, contact us for a custom website design.