23 Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement with Calls to Action

A call to action on Instagram is a post asking your followers to do something. The most popular types of calls to action ask the viewer to follow you, tag a friend, or double tap.

Calls to action allow you to reach a broader audience and increase engagement with your posts. Calls to action are an easy way to get more followers, likes, views, and saves.

Here are 3 call to actions that I think every plastic surgeon should be using on their social media accounts:

Ask Questions

Asking a question compels followers to respond to your post. Responses are one of a variety of ways that Instagram uses to measure the level of engagement with your followers and increase the posts exposure.

A few examples of great questions to ask on your posts:

  • What are your thoughts on this procedure?
  • Do you have questions about this type of procedure?
  • Is there something we could be doing better?
  • Vote for your favorite in the comments
  • Double tap if you agree!
  • Guess which of this is a lie
  • Swipe to learn more (for carousels)
  • Save this for later
  • DM me for the link
  • Link in bio
  • Ask me anything
  • Tap for the link
  • Share if you agree
  • Take a screenshot
  • Read more in the blog
  • Ask me in the comments
  • Tap and hold to read
  • Follow for more tips
  • Check out our highlight about [topic]
  • Introduce yourself in the comments
  • Head to our stories to find out
  • Comment with your favorite emoji
  • Share so others can learn too

Social media calls to actions that ask the followers to comment or post their thoughts and opinions are a great way to engage with your audience.

Ask Your Followers to Share Your Content

Asking your followers to share your content will help your posts reach people that are connected to those followers. It’s an easy and effective way to reach more instagram users and gain more followers.

Be Social and Personal

Your posts don’t always have to be about plastic surgery. You can make your posts more personal and share real life stories or experiences with your followers. This can help build a relationship with your followers and make them want to engage with your business on a deeper level.

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