How to Turn Your Instagram Followers Into Patients

instagram marketing

The medical field is becoming more and more competitive. If you’re hoping to grow your business and stand out from the competition, online marketing is a vital tool–and Instagram is one of the best ways you can reach potential patients.

Although you may think of Facebook or Twitter as being the best way to connect with clients, there are other networks out there that can be a highly effective tool in your online marketing strategy. Instagram is a popular social media platform and is continuing to gain new users. In fact, as of late 2019, there is a reported 1 billion monthly active users. While getting Instagram followers is the first step, your ultimate goal is to turn those followers into patients. We’ve put together a few tips that can help you do just that.

  • Make Your Bio Pop – Your profile page, or bio, on Instagram is the connection between the platform and your office. Spend time on your bio so you make a great first impression while letting prospective patients see what services you offer.
  • Link to a Dedicated Landing Page – While you may think about linking your main website to your Instagram page, a better option may be to connect a landing page. By sending Instagram users to a landing page, you can turn followers into leads by gathering their email addresses and other contact information.
  • Use a Business Account to Gain Insights – If you have a business Instagram account, you can gain additional insights about your followers. With this demographic data, you will know more about these users and you can even see what type of posts get the best reaction from them. This expanded understanding can help you turn followers into patients by delivering great relevant content.
  • Get Personal – Like in any social media setting, one of the best tools you have is the ability to connect with followers on a personal level. Follow your followers back, comment on their posts or even drop them a PM. This can help build a connection between your practice and your followers.
  • Offer Incentives to Encourage Interactions – It could be as simple as offering a discount or promotion to your followers or perhaps conducting a giveaway for users who like and share a post. The idea is that you want to bring people who only know you online into your “real world” office so you can show them what you have to offer.
  • Be Active – The number one way to connect with your Instagram followers, and ideally turn them into patients is to be active on the platform. Post regularly, comment get involved in the discussions. Your presence will help followers feel closer to your brand and make them excited to become patients.

By keeping these tips in mind, you should see Instagram become more than a great way to connect with potential patients in your community–it can become a serious lead magnet.

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