The 14 Instagram Stats A Medical Practice Needs to Know in 2024

Welcome to a comprehensive exploration of the Instagram landscape in 2024. In the realm of aesthetic surgery, where visual representation is paramount, leveraging Instagram’s powerful platform can significantly amplify your reach and impact. This white paper delves into the latest Instagram statistics tailored for medical practices, providing insights that can revolutionize your approach to marketing results on this dynamic social network.

1. Instagram’s Massive User Base:

With a staggering 2 billion active monthly users, Instagram stands as the world’s third most-used social platform, tied with WhatsApp. While a fraction of Facebook’s user base, the sheer numbers are impressive.

2. Global Preference for Instagram:

Ranked as the world’s second-favorite social media platform, Instagram claims 15.7% of active social media users aged 16 to 64. Understanding this preference is crucial for strategically showcasing surgical results.

3. High Global Website Traffic:

As of November 2023, Instagram is the fourth most-visited website globally, emphasizing its widespread influence. Surgeons can harness this reach to showcase expertise and engage with a global audience.

4. Instagram Engagement Rates:

The average Instagram post engagement rate is 0.60%, but in the field of education, it spikes to 3.44% (consult with an expert to reach this goal). Consider industry-specific variations and the impact of impressions and shares on your content’s success.

5. Gender Demographics:

Understanding your audience is key; 48.2% of Instagram users are female, and 51.8% are male. Tailoring content to resonate with both genders ensures a well-rounded engagement strategy.

6. Time Spent on Instagram:

Users spend an average of 12 hours per month on Instagram, emphasizing the platform’s significance in their daily lives. Crafting content that captivates and informs within this timeframe is essential.

7. Instagram as a Shopping Tool:

44% of Instagram users use the app for shopping weekly. Recognize the potential for showcasing surgical results and providing valuable information for those considering procedures.

8. Business Account Posting Frequency:

The average Instagram Business account posts 1.55 times on the main feed per day. Consistency is key to maintaining visibility, with photos being the most common type of post.

9. Carousel Posts and Engagement Rates:

Instagram carousel posts boast the highest engagement rate for business accounts. Utilize this format to showcase multiple angles of surgical results, capturing audience attention effectively.

10. Social Media Users and Brand Research:

62.4% of social users use Instagram to follow or research medical brands or products. Harness this trend by presenting your medical practice as a trusted source for aesthetic surgery information.

11. Influence of Social Media:

20.9% of social media users follow influential Instagram pages, influencers or experts. Position yourself as a credible expert in cosmetic surgery to capture this segment’s attention.

12. Conversion Power of Instagram DMs:

Conversations with potential patients in Instagram DMs convert at an impressive rate of 70%. Direct messaging serves as a potent tool for building patient relationships.

13. Managing Social Media Messages:

Utilize software tools like Hootsuite or Later Inbox to streamline and manage all social media messages in one place, enhancing efficiency and communication.

14. Building Meaningful Relationships:

Two out of three active users claim Instagram allows them to build meaningful relationships with brands. Leverage this opportunity to establish a personal connection with your audience. Be the first in your market to develop these meaningful relationships.


As surgeons navigate the aesthetic landscape, recognizing the profound impact of Instagram on patient engagement and brand visibility is paramount. The statistics outlined in this white paper provide actionable insights to enhance your social media strategy and maximize the potential of Instagram in showcasing your surgical expertise. Embrace the power of Instagram and propel your medical practice into a new era of digital success.

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