The Top On-Page SEO Problems (And How to Fix Them!)

Most people don’t know much about SEO which is why they consult to experts like us at HippoMedical. One way to test if your internet marketing company is doing its job, is to see if they have any of these common on-page SEO problems occurring on your dental website. If you are paying for SEO and these problems are occurring, then you are throwing your money away. These common on-page SEO problems are fairly common, and have easy solutions. Read on to learn more.

Image Optimization

The top on-page SEO problem on websites is image optimization. Luckily, this is an easy fix. Images can be optimized by adding alt tags and titles that contain keywords/information about the image. Any broken images (images not appearing) should also be deleted. Photos should also be as small in file size as possible to ensure for a faster load time on your website. Loading times are important for SEO and for visitors without patience!

Duplicate Content

The second most common on page SEO problem was duplicate content. This means that the content on the website is not original. This severely affects SEO and will prevent pages from ever showing search engine visibility. One way to solve this is to have the content rewritten, but web content writers for best results, and then ran through a website content checker, like Copyscape, to be safe. New content is always great for search engines because it shows you are active on your website and it is all original.

Meta Descriptions

Websites that don’t have meta descriptions their pages are setting themselves up to fail. Meta descriptions are the small snippets of information that appear under listings on search engine results. This provides users with information before they choose to click on your page, and gives search engines more reason to index the content. Meta descriptions should be original content and contain keywords and information relating to the page.


Links are very important when it comes to SEO. It’s common that websites contain broken links, or links that go to a page that no longer exists. To be safe, all links on your website should be correctly going somewhere. It’s best to create a link farm throughout the website so the pages are linked within one another. This helps search engines crawl through the website and as a result, index better.

Questions? Contact HippoMedical for Help

If your search engines results aren’t doing well, odds are there is a reason for that. Check your pages for these common problems to see if they are the leading cause of your plummeting rankings. If you need help evaluating your website or fixing these problems, contact our experts at HippoMedical for help.