How Effective is Your Social Media Marketing Effort?

If you are just posting aimlessly on social media, it’s time to stop and find out if your efforts are even worth it. Both Facebook and Instagram have great tools to show you how well your posts are doing. On Facebook, you can see statistics like how many people clicked on your link and how many people unfollowed your page after seeing that post. Being conscious of these statistics can help you see which posts are working for you, and which kind you should not be posting due to the negative consequences. Whether you are new to social media marketing or not, these tools can help you enhance your social media game.

Instagram Insights

If your business is on Instagram, you should have your account listed as a business account and have it linked up with your business’s Facebook page. This can all be done in the settings if you have not done so already. From there, Instagram will give you the option to view statistics, like how many impressions your post made, clicks on your website, top posts, profile views, call clicks, email clicks in addition to follower information like gender, age and locations. With outside tracking apps, you can also track how many people have unfollowed you and followed you. This information can help you determine what the best kinds of posts are. Maybe you are trying out a new hashtag or different caption ideas to see if it is effective—the insights tool on Instagram can help you see if it’s working. This tool can help you see what type of posts are helping you gain followers or phone calls, and which are just a waste of time to post. After seeing the insights, it might help you figure out how to make the best posts possible, which can also be used for sponsored posts.


Facebook gives a similar insight tool as Instagram that allows you to see how many people your post reached, the number of likes, comments, clicks on the link, if the post made anyone unfollow your page or change their newsfeed view settings. Like Instagram, the insights tool will help you see which posts are the most valuable for your page and which are driving traffic away. The insights tool might also be a good wakeup call that you need to start spending some money on boosted posts to help reach more people or encourage more patients/customers to like your page. If you are lost on posting ideas, read some of our other blogs to help you get started.

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