Which Review Websites You Should Focus On

It is more important now than ever to focus on increasing positive reviews on review websites because of today’s day and age of internet usage. Barely 15 years ago, people found their dentist by sifting through the yellow pages, now it’s done with thorough research of reading reviews and browsing websites. You might be wondering what you can do better to increase the number of new patients coming to your office. The first step is to increase the size of reviews for your practice online. The websites you should be focusing on include: Google+, Yelp, and Facebook.


Why is Google+ at the top of the list of most important review websites? First off, Google is the number one search engine website. Most people find their new dentist simply by Google searching “dentist in (insert city name here)”. When this happens, the top search engine results will display how many stars they have based on reviews and a link to their reviews. Prospective patients will most definitely avoid the low rating dental practices and instead opt for the dental offices with the good reviews. Dental practices can also use pay per click ads to make their practice appear at the top of search results.


Yelp is the second most used review website out there for dentists. Dental practices can also pay for ad space like on Google which can draw in more attention. However, if you have bad reviews on Yelp, odds are that ad space won’t help business. Yelp reviews differ from Google reviews in the way they are displayed. Yelp software chooses which reviews to display as helpful at the top of the page based on user activity of the reviewer. This can force your most recent reviews to be displayed at the bottom of the page listed under “reviews that are not currently recommended.” This filter does not affect your overall star score, and sometimes can save you from having bad reviews displayed for everyone to see. This filter may either make your business appear to either have good reviews or bad reviews, hopefully it lies somewhere in the middle.


Facebook is the number one most used social media website, making it an important place for reviews. Although Facebook is not the ideal place to be searching for a dentist, the dentist’s Facebook page may pop up under search engine results, on their website, or on their Yelp page.  There is a new feature on Facebook that allows users to ask for recommendations where other users can recommend other Facebook pages. So, if someone asks for recommendations for a dentist and people list their dental office’s pages, the users will most definitely be reading the reviews on their Facebook page.

How Do I Accumulate More Positive Reviews?

Now that you know the review websites you should be targeting, it’s time to think about gaining more reviews. With our review software, ReviewDoor, we give dental practice’s the ability to text their patients after their visit, prompting them to leave a review on their preferred website. From there, if the review is negative, it will go directly to the dental office without being posted. This gives the office the opportunity to correct the patient’s problems from going public and to make amends. If the review is positive, it is automatically listed on the review websites. If you are interested in learning more about review websites or review software, contact Dental Affiliate today.