@plasticsurgery Mentioned in Aesthetic Surgery Journal

Last month HippoMedical’s popular Instagram page @plasticsurgery was mentioned in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2018, Vol 38(10) 1088-1091 by Dr. Jennifer L. Walden.  Dr. Jennifer Walden discusses in her article Commentary on: Patient’s and Surgeons’ Perceptions of Social Media’s Role in the Decision Making for Primary Aesthetic Breast Augmentation how social media plays a role in the plastic surgery business.

Walden writes about the different information searching habits of patients searching for plastic surgery and gives her thoughts on Montemurro et al’s paper and study conducted to conclude that patients look on social media to make a deciding factor about plastic surgery. Walden continues to discuss the different areas that patients find information everywhere from the internet to friends.

Patients not only go on social media for information but they visit RealSelf for additional information about plastic surgery. Walden believes that a surgeon’s website should be a good source for information.

Later in her article, she discusses the use of Instagram around the world and how many people use Instagram to follow brands and find information. She also writes about the advantages of Instagram.

“For example, the popular Instagram profile @PlasticSurgery (owned and operated by veteran internet marketing guru Christopher Jilly) has 35 to 50 million impressions per month and over 333,000 organic followers. Stating that it will only work with board certified plastic surgeons recognized by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, this brand has posted over 15,750 plastic surgery case studies, videos, and pictures. There is a thirst for plastic surgery-related content on Instagram, evidenced by @PlasticSurgery’s broad American appeal. It’s #1 US Market is New York, #2 US Market is Los Angeles, and #3 US Market is Dallas.”

Walden finishes the article by discussing the effects online reviews play for plastic surgery business. Walden agreed with Montemurro et al that plastic surgeons should be putting out realistic and accurate social media content due to the high amount of women who look for information on social media.

You can read the full article here.