Instagram Update: Blurred Sensitive Photos

As an effort to keep Instagram as a safe space for users, the latest update includes blurring photos deemed to be sensitive. Now when photos are flagged, Instagram will blur them if they are sensitive. This is great news for doctors who regularly have their content deleted due to graphic material. It should be noted that all photos must still adhere to Instagram guidelines (no nudity, violent, hateful, or pornographic content). In the end, this new feature will help people prevent their photos from being deleted when they still adhere to the Instagram guidelines.

What is Considered Sensitive Content?

Although Instagram’s blog doesn’t state what is considered sensitive content, it does state that content must still adhere to the guidelines. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, we can assume that the same content will be censored on Instagram that is censored on Facebook. This includes medical videos of surgeries, graphic news/documentaries, humanitarian crises, war in a local community, etc. This update will still not allow users to post nudity, female nipples, or any pornographic material.

How Does It Work?

When scrolling through content, a user will have the option to flag the photo/video as “disturbing” instead of flagging it for violating the terms. Instagram reviewers will confirm the photo/video does not violate the guidelines, and if it doesn’t but should be warned as sensitive, the blurred image filter will be placed over it. This will make the photo blur with a warning over it. From there, the user will need to click “view” to see the unblurred image/video. This helps prevent users from seeing any content that may offend them without ruining the experience of other users who may enjoy the content.

What Are the Benefits of This Update?

First off, if you are a doctor or post medical content this is great news! This means if you experience photos being deleted often from users flagging it, you will most likely be able to keep all your future posts up, they will just be listed as sensitive. Another benefit is it helps users feel safe. Users can go through their feed without worrying about seeing something graphic that may offend or trigger unwanted emotions. Overall, this update will help all Instagram users have a better experience.

Stay on Top of Instagram Updates

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