How Much Should You Be Spending on Instagram Advertisements?

When it comes to advertising on Instagram, there are two routes you can take. The first route involves advertising directly through Instagram via sponsored postings. The second route is contacting popular Instagram pages and paying them to post content for your page. Find out which of these is best for your business and how much you should be spending.

Sponsored Instagram Posts

These are the posts you see when going through your feed with “sponsored” labeled at the top. Users set these ads up through their business Facebook pages by choosing their demographics and target audience. From here you can choose your audience’s gender, age range and more. These advertisements can be a bit on the pricey side since they are pay per click. We recommend only those with a large marketing budget use this type of Instagram advertisement because it can cost companies in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Advertising on Large Accounts

If you follow any celebrity, you most likely have come across an ad. These usually include the celebrity using a certain product and tagging the product’s page in the description. Other ways of advertisement include reposts, or posts of original content for your business’s page on a large account. This helps business’s reach the entire audience of the account they are posting on. A good example of this is @plasticsurgery’s account. This account features different case studies from plastic surgeons on Instagram. All the followers of this account are either doctors, or people who are interested in plastic surgery, or even getting plastic surgery. By advertising with an account like this, you are reaching your entire target audience.

How Much Do Large Accounts Charge for Posts?

Let’s say you find an account you want to advertise with; send them a message with an inquiry about ad prices. Prices are usually based on the number of followers the account has and how many impressions each post makes. The larger the account, the more you should expect to pay. The best way to get the most bang for your buck is to find an account that will let you pay for weekly postings. Buying in bulk usually helps drop the price. To find out how much you should be paying for these posts, accounts usually charge between $5-10 per 10,000 followers; however, if the account has low user engagement they might charge less, or more if they receive a lot of user engagement/impressions.

Need Help with Instagram Advertisements? We Can Help

If you are interested in advertising on Instagram through sponsored postings, or want to learn how to be featured on large accounts like @cosmeticdentists and @plasticsurgery, contact HippoMedical today. Our social media experts can help you achieve your marketing goals with Instagram advertisements, contact us today.