How Much Should You Be Spending On a Website?

How Much Should You Be Spending On a Website?

Pricing is always the first question that is asked when it comes to shopping around for a new car, a house, and even clothes. Like buying a car, you will want to know everything that comes with the car. Are there leather seats? Is there a touch screen radio? These added bonuses always make a product more intriguing. When it comes to buying a website, you have to ask yourself, is there anything else included with my website? Let Dental Affiliate enlighten you.

What is Included?

Some internet marketing companies will just try to sell you a website, and any additional services are going to cost you extra. If you invest in a website and not SEO, or PPC, it’s unlikely that people will be viewing your website. SEO determines how well your website will rank on search engines like Google, if your internet marketing company is selling you a website but not including SEO, then you are wasting your money.

Internet marketing companies should also be fully integrating your practice in all social media platforms to ensure all images and cover photos match the website. Having a great looking Google + account and Facebook Page is just as important as having a nice looking website.

Content should also be included in your website. What is the point of a website if there is no information for your patients to read? This will drive patients away from your website. There is a peace of mind going into a dental procedure when you have read about it beforehand.

Find a Company That Knows What They Are Doing

This one seems obvious, but verify the internet marketing company’s testimonials, view their portfolio, learn about their services and contracts. Research heavily before spending a dollar. Also see what other services the company provides. You may not want video production right now, but it might be an option you want to consider in the future. You will also want to find a company you feel comfortable forming a relationship with. If you like them and they like you, your internet presence will greatly benefit!


Find the best bang for your buck. The best way to determine how much you should spend on a website, is by comparing and contrasting competitors. Find an internet marketing company that is in a reasonable price range, and give them a call. Learn everything you can about the company; compare the included services, the website designs, the testimonials and extra services. When it comes to pricing, pick the company that is not overcharging you, but is also willing to go above and beyond. Trust your gut feeling.

Interested in Dental Affiliate?

At Dental Affiliate, our number one goal is to have happy and successful clients. This is why we offer reasonable prices, tons of included services, as well as a free website every 24 months. For more information, visit our pricing page and contact us today to start building your internet presence into one you can be proud of.