Call Tracking and Cloaking

Call Tracking Dynamic Number Replacement

Call tracking dynamic number replacement is an easy way to see what is working what isn’t. This software puts dynamic generated replacements in place of regular phone numbers to collect user behavior on the website. This helps owners see the behavior and patterns of their users that led them to making a phone call. There has been speculation that this call tracking technique is similar to the black-hat tactic known as “cloaking.”  Read on to learn more about what cloaking is and how to implement call tracking.

What’s Cloaking and Do We Use it?

Cloaking is a black-hat tactic that is essentially lying to your users. Cloaking is used to lie about your website’s content in order to attract the search engines for relevant keywords. This will attract a lot of new website visitors; however, it is ineffective because the users will angrily leave once they see how irrelevant your content is to their search. This violates Google’s terms because it does not provide the information that the user is trying to look at. When you violate Google’s terms, this will destroy your SEO.

Call tracking does not use cloaking in any way. The phone number that is replaced still dials into the dentist office, therefore the user is calling the place they are trying to reach which is not a malicious or deceptive move. This will not get your website black listed from Google or hurt your SEO strategy. Cloaking would be unwise to invest in because it can ruin the future of your SEO strategy.

Call Tracking with Dynamic Number Replacement

The system takes the real phone number to your dentist practice and replaces it with a unique phone number. This phone number allows for the user’s behavior on the website to be tracked and reported. This information is great for dentist offices to see what led the patient to their phone call. You will be able to know what the patient was looking at when they decided to give your practice a call whether it was on a landing page, or an advertisement.

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