6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Marketing Company

There are thousands of internet marketing companies around, which can make it daunting to finally sit down and choose one. We want what is best for our clients which is why we want to provide any prospective clients with reasons why they shouldn’t hire a marketing company. We want to help you achieve the best results, but it’s hard to do if any of the following apply to you.

#1 You Want Full Control

When you hire an online marketing company, they are taking over your online marketing. If you are incapable of not being in control, a marketing company is not for you. We are experts in our fields, which is why we want to take control as much as possible, otherwise our best strategies can be interrupted and as a result be ineffective.

#2 Your Practice Isn’t Ready

With a strong online marketing strategy comes new patients. Is your practice ready to take on more patients? Does your reputation need to be fixed before strong internet marketing? Is your practice changing names or locations? Although online marketing companies can help with these, you need to be ready for full online branding and marketing.

#3 You Need Patients ASAP

Online marketing isn’t effective overnight. It’s like diet and exercise, you won’t see results overnight, but with consistent hard work, the results are obvious over time.

#4 You Have Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen

If you work with multiple doctors or office managers and everyone wants their input said to the marketing company, then a marketing company is not for you. Unless you can keep a small group of 2-3 people as your marketing committee, online marketing companies won’t work for you. Too many chefs in the kitchen can lead to arguments, indecisiveness, and slow results.

#5 You Want Us to Teach You Marketing So You Can Do It On Your Own

Our job as your online marketing company is not to teach you how to market, it’s to market for you. Although we do give insight as to what you can be doing on your side. If your employees are not doing their share of marketing, you should consider finding employees with those skill sets. Online marketing is always changing, and as an online marketing company, we are always staying on top of what’s new. Unless you hire a fulltime employee who also stays on top, you will not achieve the same results.

#6 Someone Will Get in the Way

If there is someone at your office who will prevent us from doing our job, then don’t waste your money on an online marketing company. You will not achieve the results you want and will give us a headache.

Contact Dental Affiliate If You Are Ready

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